With our Thaw, Heat & Serve components, it’s easy to provide your customers an authentic, hot Mexican menu! Our Flex Mex options are designed to fit your food service needs from a simple bulk offering to full restaurant platform.


Serve our delicious food in your own menu items to make anything Mexican. Our high-quality ingredients are thaw, heat and serve for maximum flexibility.

  • Purchase Naughty Chile items
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Easiest foodservice ever


Use your existing foodservice equipment and the Naughty Chile name. Breakfast Express is a good play to get started with this important daypart.

  • Purchase Naughty marketing package
  • Purchase Naughty Chile items
  • Easy integration into existing space


Install our turn-key kiosk to make the full menu of street tacos, burritos, quesadillas and nachos. Simple to install and easy to operate, the kiosk is plug and play.

  • Purchase kiosk package
  • Purchase Naughty Chile items
  • Complete operations training


Convert your existing QSR space into a Naughty Chile Taqueria complete with seating and catering. Eliminate a dated concept and install a cool, on-trend brand.

  • Install conversion graphics

  • Purchase Naughty Chile items

  • Complete operations training

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